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Training Videos

Before starting the videos, please print out any documents you may need to follow along with while watching. To begin, print out the Skin Type Charts to coordinate with the information provided on the Product Knowledge and Specialty Product Videos. Note: if you fast-forward through a video, the resolution/clarity of the video may take a minute or two to recover based on individual computer speed.

Oxygenetix application post Co2 Laser

The morning of the 3rd day post C02 Laser, Tracy applied Oxygenetix Moisturizer multiple times throughout the morning

Later that afternoon Tracy applies Oxygenetix Foundation
Starting with one side of her face to illustrate coverage

On the evening of the 3rd day upon removing the Oxygenetx Foundation with a gentle cleanser, scabs fell off. The results are shown on the morning of the 4th day in the following 2 photos:

Progress continues on day 5 and 6 with continued daily multiple applications of Oxygenetix Breathable Moisturizer