What Industry Professionals Are Saying

The Doctors Show & Oxygenetix

”Oxygenetix is the best makeup available to patients after a procedure. There’s no other product that contains the healing and protective qualities the skin needs immediately after an aesthetic procedure.”

– Dr. Ordon, M.D. F.A.C.S, Host of daytime series The Doctors


Why Oxygenetix is indispensable in the medical and cosmetic industries


Greater healing

The light and breathable formula with Ceravitae™ continually introduces oxygen to the skin. This speeds skin cell production of collagen and elastin, clears up skin conditions, helps heals wounds and leaves skin looking and feeling fresh.

Protection, safety and assurance

Patients and clients feel reassured knowing our products are safe for every skin type. They’ve been allergy, bacteria and non-comedogenic tested. And SPF30 helps to keep your patient’s skin protected without irritation.

Confidence in their skin

Oxygenetix gives your patients and clients confidence knowing they can immediately conceal signs of treatment. While providing peace of mind that their healing process has already begun. Available in 14 shades, scientifically formulated to blend perfectly and enhance natural skin tones.

Here’s what the medical professionals are saying…


Ideal for screen and runaway

After a long history in Hollywood, Oxygenetix is proven to look good on camera and remain luminous under hot lights. This no-sweat foundation even holds up during the most active scenes, making their look last.

Loved by clients

Some models and actors even insist on Oxygenetix and not just because it looks good. It feels wonderfully light on the skin, is 85% breathable (compared to other foundation brands at 7%) and it protects the skin’s vibrancy.


There’s a lot to do on set and not enough time. Oxygenetix is easy to apply. And that’s it. You won’t have to reapply, which is particularly great when you have strict timings and even stricter continuity to worry about.

Here’s what the cosmetic professionals are saying….

Award-Winning Recovery