Biophora Business Partners’ Key to Success

Three veteran businesswomen; Brigette Manning, Judi Argue, and Conde Stenson (pictured from left to right) are partners in Biophora, Science Made Simple, manufacturers of Canada’s first anti-aging and medical skin care product and treatment line since 2002. They also are the Canadian distributor for Oxygenetix, the most effective post-treatment camouflage and aloe-based healing accelerator on the market. Acquiring Oxygenetix for Canada was the perfect fit under the Biophora umbrella. 

But this partnership is nothing new. Over thirty years ago, these long-time friends and business associates, also brought Colours International, an award-winning image, makeup, skin care and wardrobe consultation business to the global market. In the nineties, with a team of medical partners, the trio also launched Canada’s original longevity medicine and multi-disciplinary wellness clinics. Then 18 years ago they delivered the first Canadian-made medical skin care product line to plastic surgeons, dermatologists and physicians in countries throughout the world. And finally, in 2013, the opportunity to become the Canadian distributor for Oxygenetix Breathable Treatment Foundation was offered and the trio jumped on board.

All three women agree that their longevity as business partners and friends is based on the same principles of a good marriage. According to Argue, who oversees marketing for the company, “It takes good communication, cooperation, a common vision, and mutual respect for what each of us brings to the table. We may not always agree, but we truly adore one another and respectfully talk through our differences. That translates into good business.” 

“Oxygenetix is an established brand with international credibility that we have distributed to Canadians since 2013, and Biophora’s popularity is due to its well-priced, highly-effective medical-grade ingredients,” says Stenson who deals with daily operations. “Our network services many hundreds of doctors and their medical aestheticians who deliver the company’s state-of-the-art formulations and treatments including AHA’s, BHA’s, botanicals, vitamins, serums, peptides, high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, and Retinols. The line offers a full range of cleansing, conditioning, and nourishing products for aging skin, acne, rosacea, sun damage, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.” 

“We understand the competitive nature of the market and although we are a boutique company, we’ve made our mark successfully delivering medically-advanced products that are simple for the doctors’ offices and medispas to administer and for their patients and clients to use,” states Biophora President, Brigette Manning. “We enjoy really good relationships with, and offer personalized service to our accounts and continually produce the education, products, and services that they need and want to keep their patients happy and looking fantastic.”